AWS Config With Multiple Profiles

This uses the AWS CLI, go here for instructions on installing it

These instructions pertain to Mac users only.

Use aws configure to set the default user credentials. You will be prompted to add the user-key, secret-key (provided by AWS when you create the IAM user), the region (e.g. us-east-1), and the output (e.g. json).

The keys are stored in at ~/.aws/credentials

The region and output are store at ~/.aws/config

Use cat <path> to view these files in the console

Credentials or configs are separated by profiles. Default is initially loaded in to the environment variable AWS_PROFILE , to use a different profile, reassign this variable to the profile you wish to use, or add the --profile <profile-name> flag to you commands.

For using profiles other than the default, go here

To set additional profiles you can add or update properties to a profile using the following command

aws configure set aws_access_key_id <user-key> aws_secret_access_key <secret-key> region <region> output <output> --profile <profile-name>

Use aws configure list-profiles to see all available profiles

For more info, go here